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Drake Parker
Drake Parker.png
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 15-16 (season 1 & 2)
16-17 (season 3)
18-19 (season 4)
19 - 20 (Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh)
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'8"
Aliases: Boob (by Megan Parker)

Dr. Elliot Nussbaum (doctor disguise)
Drink (by Lulu)
Jefferson Steelflex (fake ID)
Twinkle Puff Parker (derogatory nickname)

Family & Friends
Family: Audrey Parker-Nichols (mother)
Dave Parker (father)
Walter Nichols (step-father)
Josh Nichols (step-brother)
Megan Parker (younger sister)
Grammy Nichols (step-grandmother)
Papa Nichols (step-great-grandfather)
Catherine Parker (great-aunt)
Unnamed step-aunt (Possibly Libby)
Friends: Josh Nichols
Megan Parker (sometimes)
Helen Dubois
Craig Ramirez
Eric Blonowitz
Crazy Steve
Relationships: Carly (girlfriend), Lucy (ex-girlfriend), Christine (ex-girlfriend), Hazel (ex-girlfriend), Tabitha (ex-girlfriend), Lexi (ex-girlfriend) and many other ex-girlfriends
Yooka (ex-wife)
Enemies: Mindy Crenshaw (most of the time)
Josh Nichols (sometimes)
Ms. Hayfer
Megan Parker
Thornton Locke (hates him after being uninvited to his birthday party)
Ashley Blake
Other Information
Interests: Dating girls, playing guitar and hanging out with Josh
Series Information
First appearance: Pilot
Last appearance: Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh
Portrayed By: Drake Bell
"I missed Allison, so I started making out with her sister!" ― Drake Parker

Drake Jared Parker is one of the main characters on Drake & Josh. He lives with his step-brother, Josh Nichols and sister, Megan Parker.

Personality and Traits[]

Drake Parker is portrayed as a smooth, charming, laid-back slacker. He seems to care very little about any work he is asked to do, although he is quite intelligent musically - as he shows interest in playing the guitar. However, it is mentioned many times throughout the series that does not do well in school - mainly due to his laid-back, carefree attitude, and in general, seems to care very little about doing terrible in school. An example of this is in Season 4 when he almost fails the 11th grade due to his bad tardies for gym class.

Besides music, another big interest of Drake's is his interest in women. Not only does he find women very attractive, but he also happens to be very successful with women - although part of this can be chalked up to his status as a musician (as this tends to single-handedly win many women over.) Drake, while being academically not-so-bright, seems to be intelligent not only is he smooth when it comes to asking a woman out, but he is also an amazing kisser, as many of his girlfriends seem to enjoy making out with him. Proving this is the fact that he is credited to be the best kisser by his current girlfriend Carly, and his ex-girlfriends Lucy and Christine.

While he is a player when it comes to dating, he doesn't appear to be one to cheat on the girl he is currently dating. Despite this, however, he seems to be quite the misogynist, as he often uses women as kissing poles and nothing more - at one point even comparing them to candy. This, evidently, makes him a very shallow person, and his relationships - romantic and platonic - don't seem to go past the "having fun" phase.

Furthermore, Drake, himself, is a very selfish person, as well as being very egotistical. Not only does he seem to have something of a superiority complex - actively demeaning nerds like Craig, Eric, and even Josh, because of his better looks and natural charm, but he is also a foolish person. He is seen to use, convince, and manipulate many people throughout the series, and seems to care very little about using these people. Despite his flaws, however, he is not above seeing the error of his ways, breaking down and full-on crying after his life falls apart when Josh cuts him out of his life. Drake is also occasionally dishonest, as he has a bad habit of telling lies, especially to his mother, Audrey. Megan, also, tends to lie to her parents - much like her brother. But, being the "baby girl" of the family, she tends to get away with it - unlike Drake


Audrey Parker[]

Da love 2.png

Audrey is Drake's biological mother. She is the only parent in the family who can give boundaries and discipline to Drake. If Drake disobeys then he gets grounded. Audrey is also to known to be a good persuader, often making Drake to go do something against his will, including to go to counseling sessions. Audrey is also completely cool with the fact that Drake dates different girls. However Audrey does tend to show that she loves Drake.

Megan Parker[]


Megan is Drake's little sister, who also appears to be very rude. Megan loves to make Drake and Josh's life miserable with her pranks. Megan also thinks that the girls that Drake dates are stupid. Megan has also been known to call Drake a "boob". Despite her evil nature, she at times helps him.

Source: Drake Parker - Drake & Josh Wiki